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Family conflict and separation

Family conflict and separation CatholicCare Sydney

The challenges of family separation can be difficult for everyone. We're here to help.

Keeping Kids in Mind

Keeping Kids in Mind is a post-separation parenting course that helps parents see separation through their children’s eyes.

Family Dispute Resolution CatholicCare Sydney

Professional mediation and support to help you and your family resolve disputes and find practical solutions.

Post Separation Support CatholicCare Sydney

We have professional services for both practical and emotional needs that always put the children first.


Men and family relationships CatholicCare Sydney

Supporting men and their families to find harmony and resolution under challenging situations.

Support for families experiencing violence CatholicCare Sydney

Care and support for families affected by domestic violence.

Carer Gateway CatholicCare Sydney

Carers can contact the Carer Gateway for support, anywhere in Australia, on 1800 422 737