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Regular Giving

Mother and child

Help vulnerable children in Sydney to thrive 

An ongoing monthly gift will ensure children can receive vital services when they need it most.

Children are society’s most vulnerable. With your ongoing support, they can continue to receive vital services when they need them most.

Through specialist support, CatholicCare gives Sydney children the opportunity to grow and develop with love and dignity.

Our hope is that all children can grow to be strong and resilient individuals. We couldn’t do this without your regular help.

Help for Mother and Baby


Leisa found out she was pregnant at 16. Leisa and her son Jack receive specialist support that provides services to young mums at risk of becoming homeless.

Sad girl

Family Recovery

Sarah and her younger brother Simon needed help with the impact of their father’s drinking. Through this program, young Sarah and Simon receive the guidance they needed to work through the hard times.

Girl with painted hands

Early Childhood Intervention

Tianna loves sensory games that help develop her functional behaviours and communication skills. With this support, Tianna is more confident and is thriving.

Young girl walking home alone

Support for Struggling Families

CatholicCare provides school backpacks and materials to families that can’t afford them.

Why regular giving is so important

Regular monthly donations help us confidently plan ahead and contribute to more children being able to receive our specialist support when they need it most.

How regular giving works

Giving regularly is an easy and flexible way to support CatholicCare on an ongoing basis.

If you decide to become a regular giver you will also be sent our Caring Newsletter twice a year as well as our Christmas and Tax appeals. You are of course not obligated to give.

On the 25th of each month your chosen amount is automatically debited from your credit card.

You can increase, decrease or cancel your monthly donation at any time.

At the end of the financial year you will receive a statement to assist with your tax return.

It’s not about giving more, it’s about giving regularly.

Please become a regular giver today and help change the lives of vulnerable children in our community.

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