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Solidarity Program

The Solidarity Program is a unique opportunity for school students to spend time learning and connecting with people with disability.

Students are invited to visit our centre and build their disability confidence and join in the daily activities enjoyed by our amazing participants. Classes are different each day ranging from cooking, painting or computer courses through to preparing for work courses such as typing lessons or packing and assembly practice.

Make the Solidarity Program part of your school’s annual Social Justice Program, Immersion Week or just a great experience for your students with the following outcomes:

To find out more or make a booking, contact us online or call 13 18 19.

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Staff Development Days

The Solidarity Program is also available for Staff Development Days to build your team’s disability confidence. The program for the day can be tailored to include your key initiatives.

Funds raised from the Solidarity Program and Staff Development Days will help to directly fund CatholicCare Sydney and its programs to support people who live and work with intellectual disabilities.