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Aged Care

We can help you to remain living in your own home, with reliable care services that give you peace of mind... read more.

Employment Services

We can help you to develop skills, find employment and we provide services for Sydney more

Family and Individual Services

We can support you and your family through the challenges of relationships, parenting and separation... read more

Children and Youth Services

Our Foster Care Team help support carers to care for children who are unable to safely live at home... read more

Community Services

We support wellbeing with mental health services and community more

CatholicCare - Learn more

We have been providing social services with the highest standards for more than 75 years.. read more

We are the social services agency of the Catholic Church in Sydney and every day we walk in solidarity with individuals, families and communities to realise our vision of a society in which we all feel supported and that we belong.

CatholicCare services help people to live and thrive at every age irrespective of beliefs and abilities. We provide locally-based child disability and employment services, counselling, education and support for children, young people and families and deliver ageing services in the home.  

Our greatest wish is to see you, your family and your community thrive.

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