Helping the Sydney community with relationships, parenting, ageing, disability, pastoral services and mental wellbeing.

Vision, Mission & Values

A diverse, thriving society where everyone finds support, purpose, and belonging.

Our Purpose

As the social services agency of the Catholic Church in Sydney, we deliver high quality care and wellbeing outcomes for all members of the wider community who seek our services.

Our Vision

A thriving, inclusive society where everyone finds support, purpose and belonging.

Our Mission

Following the example of Jesus, we promote human dignity, strengthen families, connect communities and welcome those on the margins of society.

Our Values

CatholicCare Sydney opens the door to all those who need support with relationships, parenting, ageing, disability, pastoral services or mental wellbeing concerns. Our organisation is guided by five values – collaboration, compassion, courage, inclusion, and empowerment.

“I am proud to lead a team of dedicated professionals who face each day with compassion, courage, and care. We walk beside our clients, assisting them to face life’s challenges and emerge stronger on the other side. We stand beside each other and collaborate, innovate and most importantly we welcome people from all walks and ways of life. CatholicCare Sydney is an inspiring place to work and delivers on its promise to provide care and support for people in need.”
Mr Alastair McGibbon, CEO of CatholicCare Sydney.

CollaborationCollaboration – we work together and respect the views of colleagues, clients, and stakeholders.

CompassionCompassion – we take the time to hear and understand the needs of others and ask how best we can support them.

CourageCourage – we advocate, innovate, and speak up for ourselves and others, even when it seems difficult.

InclusionInclusion – we welcome everyone, regardless of faith, background, gender, age, sexuality, identity, and ability.

EmpowermentEmpowerment – we acknowledge people’s strengths and dignity and ensure they have the tools to be in control of their own story.

Our values define how we approach each other, our clients, and our work. We aim to embody each value in everything we undertake and encourage others to do the same.