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We are committed to our vision - a society in which we all feel supported and valued. Read on to see our latest news and updates from across CatholicCare.

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Access EAP donates laptops

Old technology provides new support

25 Mar 2021

When AccessEAP needed to update their computers, they were happy to find a meaningful way to repurpose their original technology.

Keep it cozy

Volunteers keep our seniors cosy through the cold

25 Nov 2020

A group of generous women took up their needles and knitted their way into the hearts of our home care clients across Sydney.

Catholic School Gift of Goodness

Catholic Schools spread the gift of goodness

25 Nov 2020

CatholicCare has called upon Sydney Catholic Schools to be the “hands and feet” of Christ to give back to others who are struggling

Charlotte CCareline Counsellor

CCareline supports people through the pandemic

25 Nov 2020

Charlotte Day, CCareline Family and Relationship Counsellor, shares during this time of need.

SLES Centacare

Centacare prepares school leavers with a disability for future work!

25 Nov 2020

Thanks to Centacare’s School Leavers Program (SLES) young people with a disability can get all the support they need.

Juliette Kirkwood in Fairfield

Fairfield Parish provides strong support in the local community

2 Nov 2020

CatholicCare is working with Our Lady of the Rosary in Fairfield to establish a support and referral service

Patrick O’Reilly Pastoral Services CatholicCare

New leadership for Pastoral Services

8 Oct 2020

Introducing our new Pastoral Services General Manager, Patrick O’Reilly

Financial Counselling CatholicCare

Financial Counselling, a lifeline for many

2 Sep 2020

Through no fault of their own, great deals of people are now struggling financially to survive following the Covid-19 pandemic.

Support for Carers

Supporting our seniors through the crisis

30 Jul 2020

Acting General Manager of Home Care Services, Illy Tohi, describes how our Home Care team has helped seniors through the Covid-19 crisis.