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Living Well Dying Well

What does it mean to live well and how is it connected to dying well?  Religion, philosophy, our culture and our environment can offer some answers but decisions about how you live your life rest ultimately with you.

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About Living Well Dying Well

Living Well Dying Well is a collaboration of Catholic agencies including St Vincent’s Health, Catholic Cemeteries & Crematoria, Grief Care, CatholicCare Sydney, CatholicCare Broken Bay and the University of Notre Dame, Australia.

Available resources

Living Well Dying Well aims to develop a community of care in parishes, and within the community, that assists people to plan their progress through, and provides compassionate care, for people and their families and friends through to the end of life. Support resources are available in the following categories :

How you can help

Volunteer Companions

Living Well Dying Well Volunteers form a caring and compassionate community around those who have a serious and life limiting illness, to offer specific support, respond to their needs and help their families with any of the care that is needed. Find out more and apply at

Share our resources

By sharing resources, information and practical support, Living Well Dying Well aims to enhance the journey of people living with a serious and life-limiting illness, to support them more fully, respond to their needs and help their families with the care that is needed. Shareable Living Well Dying Well resources include referral postcards, fact sheets and social and digital resources.