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Home Care - Overview

Home Care Overview

CatholicCare home care services help seniors to enjoy living independently in your own homes with comfort and confidence; help to get out-and-about, keep up with the chores and maintain health and wellbeing. We will support you to maximise your independence, always ensuring you are at the centre of decision making about your care.

What is the system for government funded home care?

Recognising that many of you want to remain in your own home and within your community, the Australian Government have developed programs that brings care services into the home. When you secure funding, the Government subsidises the cost of your care and gives you flexibility to decide just what suits you and your lifestyle. What you need to pay depends on your services and in some cases, your financial situation.

Who can access these services?

Government subsidies for home care begins at age 65 (or 50 if you identify as an Aboriginal Australian and/or Torres Strait Islander person), although if you're under 65 and require help with costs of care, the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) may be able to help.

Packages are graded according to the intensity and frequency of services that a you might need. When you call My Aged Care they will ask you a number of questions and depending on your home care needs, you will either be assessed for a Commonwealth Home Support Programme which is for entry-level care, or a Home Care Package which is for more complex care.

When you're assessed the Government allocates you with a budget for care services.

Home Care Application Process

While you're on the wait list

CatholicCare have volunteers who can provide companionship through home visits and have regular social calls while you wait for a government subsidised Home Care Package. Though there are still some logistical expenses this can be a cost effective option while you wait for government approval.

An option for private care

We can also arrange a tailored private package on a fee-for-service basis for people ineligible or not wanting Government funded care. A private package may also be an option during the waiting period to receive government funded care.

Next Steps?

Call our friendly team on 13 18 19 or contact us online and we can arrange for one of our Home Care Specialists to come and visit you at home to talk you through the process. Our Home Care Specialists are experts at helping you navigate the My Aged Care system. It doesn't matter where you are in the process, CatholicCare is here to assist you every step of the way.

  • Haven't organised an assessment with My Aged Care?
  • Currently on the waiting list to receive services and want to organise private services or help from a volunteer while you wait?
  • Received your confirmation letter and want to establish your home care plan?
  • Already have a home care package and want to switch to CatholicCare?

If you're looking for answers to any of the above questions call our Client Care Team on 13 18 19, or book a home visit appointment with one of our friendly Home Care Specialists today! We're available 8am - 6pm Monday to Friday.

Make an appointment for a friendly Home Care Specialist to visit you at home.

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