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Safe & Together

Safe & Together Training

At CatholicCare Sydney, we understand the profound impact of family violence on children's lives. It is our mission to provide effective solutions to help children heal and strengthen family relationships.

What is the Safe & Together™ Model?

The Safe & Together™ Model is a globally recognised approach designed to support families affected by perpetrator behaviour. Developed by David Mandel in the United States, this model equips practitioners with the tools to assist adult survivors and their children better while intervening effectively with perpetrators.

Our Commitment:

CatholicCare Sydney is dedicated to implementing the Safe & Together™ Model across our organisation. We believe in its transformative power to keep children safe with their protective parent and revolutionise the way we work with families.

Training Options:

We offer Safe & Together training in two formats:

  • Core Training: This four-day intensive program is tailored for specialist family violence and family services workforces. It covers comprehensive strategies for working with victim survivors, children impacted by violence, and perpetrators.
  • Overview Session: A one-day overview of the model covering the principles and components of Safe & Together and a framework to begin creating a DV-informed practice.

How to Get Started:

For inquiries about our core training or overview sessions, please contact 13 18 19.

Learn More:

Visit the Safe & Together Institute to explore in-depth resources about the model and its impact.

Together, let's make a difference in the lives of families affected by domestic and family violence.