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Disability Services Partners

NDIS support coordinator providing guidance

An important part of our School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) offering, our warehouse training program is made possible through our established enterprise partnerships, who provide us with resources for our educational team. Our Senior Educators have created a warehouse environment so that participants can learn valuable skills in timekeeping, WHS, manual handling techniques, sorting, packing and so much more.

Exide technologies
Exide Techonologies CatholicCare Sydney partner
  • Provide hoses, cell watering kits, push-in plugs and bags
  • Cut hoses to different lengths
  • Pack hoses, cell watering kits and push-in plugs into bag

  • Provide nuts, washers, bags and boxes
  • Pack nuts and washers into bags
  • Weigh bags and pack them into boxes

Artistic Den
Artistic Den
  • Provide different coloured face paints, brushes, blister packs, labels and boxes
  • Assemble paints, brush, labels into blister packs
  • Place blister packs into boxes

Save on Shave
Save on shave
  • Provide men with haircare and shaving products
  • Pack in boxes

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