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NDIS Support Coordination. Working with you

NDIS support coordinator providing guidance

You don’t have to work out the NDIS on your own.

A registered provider of NDIS Support Coordination, we understand that for individuals, the NDIS can be complicated. Support coordination provides you, or your loved one, with the assistance needed to understand the services and supports in your NDIS plan to meet your goals.

Our support coordinators offer advice to:

  • people with all levels of disability through all ages
  • guide you through the NDIS process
  • work with you to identify your goals
  • select the best services to meet your needs
  • negotiate prices and service agreements on your behalf
  • tap into opportunities in your community and alternative support options
  • advocate for you when there is a change of circumstances
  • offer you bilingual services
  • support you during NDIS plan reviews
  • work with you to manage your budget
  • keep you focused on your strengths and goals

If you would like to talk to someone about support coordination, call our CCareline (13 18 19) or contact us online.

Benefits of NDIS Support Coordination

CatholicCare Sydney NDIS Support Coordination can:

  • help maximise the value you receive from your supports
  • connect you with quality supports through an established network of relevant providers
  • unlock your ability to make better choices and gain control
  • provide a partner you can talk to and trust
  • help simplify complex issues.

Frequently asked questions | NDIS Support Coordination

What is a Support Coordinator?
A person who is trained and experienced with the NDIS. They understand the services and funds that are available and connect you to supports that meet your goals within your plan.

How do I know if I qualify for support coordination?
If you qualify for NDIS Support there will be a financial allocation in your plan.

Will I always be dealing with the same coordinator?
Yes, it is CatholicCare’s priority to deliver a consistent service. At times a replacement may be required due to unforeseen reasons, where you will be informed.

How will I meet with my Support Coordinator?
Meetings vary depending on your needs. Some meetings may be in person at your home or our office, while others may be over the phone.

What other disability services does  CatholicCare offer?
We provide Life and Work Skills training to build practical skills and qualifications, in preparation for employment.

School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES)
As a registered provider of SLES we empower participants to transition from school to work.

Looking for Cleaning and Gardening Services?
We offer corporate cleaning services, and have an expert gardening team available for corporate and residential hire.

If you would like to talk to someone about support coordination, call our CCareline (13 18 19) or contact us online.