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Recovery for families affected by substance use

Recovery for family affected by substance use

Support for family members and individuals dealing with problem alcohol or substance use, or gambling behaviours and related mental health issues.

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Who is the service for?

Family Recovery has a unique focus offering help to all family members, regardless of whether or not the person using alcohol, drugs or problem gambling seeks help.

We recognise the huge impact alcohol, drugs and gambling can have on individual family members and the family as a system. Consequently, we offer a range of programs for all family members including:

  • Spouses/partners/siblings
  • Children from 5-18 years whose parents or siblings have a drug, alcohol or gambling dependency
  • Parents whose adolescent or adult children are using alcohol, drugs or experiencing mental health concerns
  • Adults who grew up in a family affected by alcohol or drug use
  • Adolescents who are using alcohol and drugs or who have problem gambling behaviours.

How our team can help

Family Recovery runs individual counselling, group therapy, education and support programs which:

  • Provide information on the effects of dependency on the individual and the family and related mental health issues
  • Help develop skills and strategies to reduce dependency
  • Offer information and coping skills to improve emotional wellbeing and quality of life

Family Recovery consists of four programs supporting the different needs of family members and individuals impacted by substance use or gambling behaviours. These include:

Relationships in FOCUS

  • For partners and other adult family members of people with a dependency problem, past or present.

PAUSE Parents

  • For parents of adolescents and young adults using alcohol or drugs. The program covers communication, boundaries, adolescent development, drug education, mental health concerns and parenting expectations.

Pathways to Change

  • For young people 12-18 years. Provides a safe environment for young people to consider their own drug and alcohol use and to develop strategies to control or stop their use.


  • Age-specific groups designed for children 5-18 years who have been affected by someone else’s alcohol, drug or gambling behaviour.

To arrange an assessment interview with a qualified counsellor call us on 13 18 19 or contact us online.