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World Day of Social Justice 2024

World Day of Social Justice 2024

In 2007 when the United Nations declared that 20 February would be celebrated annually as World Day of Social Justice, they did so with a focus on fair outcomes for all through employment, social protection, social dialogue, and fundamental principles and rights. 

Social justice means greater equality in the world – that everyone should have equal access to the same standards of education, employment, healthcare, and more regardless of race, class, religion, gender, or sexuality.

Calling on all people to hear the voice of the poor, and to examine the social structures that perpetuate poverty and  the exclusion of the poor, Pope Francis reminds us of the duty we have to ensure our privilege does not overlap somebody else’s oppression,

“A way has to be found to enable everyone to benefit from the fruits of the earth, and not simply to close the gap between the affluent and those who must be satisfied with the crumbs falling from the table, but above all to satisfy the demands of justice, fairness and respect for every human being.”

CatholicCare Sydney’s mission is to support people from all walks of life, with an emphasis on human rights, diversity, and inclusion. We focus on helping people live to their potential, opening our doors to everyone regardless of faith. We celebrate and engage with people and communities with diverse backgrounds, abilities, and perspectives and take action to remove barriers, allowing for equitable access to our programs and services.

Our guiding principles include preserving human dignity and supporting people to make their own decisions. This means acting with compassion and courage to work for the benefit of all clients,” explains CatholicCare Sydney CEO Alastair McGibbon

“We have a vision for a community in which all members find support and purpose and we work hard to provide direct assistance and to enhance the capacity of individuals, families, and communities to care for themselves and each other.”

On World Day of Social Justice, we remind all members of the community to consider others and examine ways in which they can help create a world without injustice and suffering.

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