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Old technology provides new support

There are many and varying ways to make a difference in our community; active listening, checking in on a neighbour and, in the case of AccessEAP, making a donation.

When AccessEAP needed to upgrade their laptops, we were happy to provide them with an environmentally and socially impacting way of repurposing their retired technology. Cleaned, security wiped and re-setup for use, these devices will go on to make a difference through our services.

"These laptops will make a huge difference in the lives of people that otherwise would not be able to afford to purchase technology, to access our ever growing digital world." Mark Hindle, Director of Technology, AccessEAP

Access EAP donates laptops

Mark Hindle, Director of Technology, AccessEAP donating laptops to CatholicCare's Emma Neill, Acting Practice Manager, HOPE Program and Nikki Jones, Acting Executive Manager, Fundraising.

The 18 laptops received will be distributed to:

Make a difference in our community

Find out how you, or the company you work for, can make a difference by calling, Nikki Jones, Acting Executive Manager, Fundraising on 9509 1119 or contacting us online