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Companions Matter

Companions Matter

Companions Matter is a program that accompanies people as they navigate some of life’s big transitions and challenges. We welcome people who have been in prison or who have been in a hospital or care unit, acknowledging that these are times when the presence of another person who will listen and provide support is vitally important.

Feeling that you are not alone at these times can make a big difference to your health and wellbeing, and can assist you to make positive life choices. Companions Matter connects you to a community of people who care; a place where growth and change are made possible.

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Find out more

To find out more about Companions Matter and how you can access this program, contact us or call 13 18 19.

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Become a volunteer companion

Information sessions are available, contact us or call 13 18 19 if you'd like to become a volunteer companion.

Connections made through Companions Matter are supported by our range of structured and supervised programs. In addition, we are sponsors for the Work and Development Order, of which our programs are acknowledged.

Seasons for Growth Program

This program supports you in navigating change, loss, grief and bereavement.
Being with others in a safe, small group, can help you to feel less alone in your experience.

Workshops, Seminars and Gatherings

These gatherings can help you form connections with others who care about your whole wellbeing by focusing on selfcare, job seeking skills, meditation, relaxation and more.

Work and Development Orders

If you have a NSW State debt and are finding it tough to clear, Companions Matter can help. Attending specific programs can help you to pay off your fines and make a fresh start.

The Positive Lifestyle Program

This program is designed to assist you in responding positively to life’s many challenges. It may also help you understand yourself better and to set potentially life changing goals.

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