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Are you a natural born carer?

By David Fleming, General Manager of Home Care

David Fleming, General Manager of Home Care, discusses the qualities and traits of 'natural born carers'.

Some people are natural born carers. This may first become evident as they focus on attending to the care needs of those closest to them. Family members, friends and nearby neighbours often provide the opportunity to practice and develop fledgling traits that can grow to become deeply fulfilling for both parties.

After years of training and employing people across community service programs, I am confident the best carers are those who do it naturally. Initially spurred on by the need of someone close to them, these special people come to the realisation that they were made to be carers and their experiences lead them to choose caring as a very rewarding and lifelong career. The satisfaction of helping another person is by far the main reason for this choice, far outweighing any financial gain made through employment. Some of these natural born carers also take the time to volunteer, contributing to a wider culture of caring that is not only desirable, but essential to make the world a better place.

I am immeasurably blessed to be surrounded by these amazing people every day. The commitment of our Home Care staff and volunteers, some who have been part of the team for 10+ years, fills me with hope for our future ability to continue to provide amazing services to seniors and the community.

So, what are the traits of a natural born carer? If you think you might want to help either in a paid or volunteer capacity, see how many of the points below you can answer “yes” to:

If you answered “yes” to the above points you may be very suited to a role in Aged Care and we’d love to share opportunities for you to experience the joy of caring for others with CatholicCare Sydney.

For more information, visit Careers at CatholicCare and select Community Support Worker “APPLY NOW”, register your interest in volunteering or call our CCareline team on 13 18 19.

About the Author

David Fleming CatholicCareDavid Fleming is the General Manager of Home Care at CatholicCare Sydney and has worked with caring people for over 30 years. In recent times David has commitment to working with ageing seniors to ensure they are supported to continue living independently in the community for as long as they can. David is married to his high school sweetheart and they have raised four beautiful children whom themselves, now as adults, contribute to the world in caring ways.