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An unlucky statistic

Australia has the highest proportion of poker machines per head of population in the world. Twenty percent of poker machines in the world are in Australia, a staggering figure of approximately 200,000 machines with 48 percent of them found in NSW.

Described as having a casino on every corner in a recent report released by Western Sydney University*, the inner ring of southwestern Sydney is well serviced by CatholicCare Sydney’s Financial Counselling Service. The confidential and free-of-charge service, delivered with the assistance of government funding, helps people affected by problem gambling take back control of their finances to help ensure better outcomes for their future. 

Addressing the needs of those impacted by gambling in all its forms - on pokies, sports waging, online gaming, TAB sports betting, and private gambling – Financial Counselling provides an assessment of personal debts or legally owed debts and supports clients to make their own informed choices.

Nonjudgmental and impartial, the Counselling service provides face-to-face, telephone or online counselling delivered by fully accredited counsellors to address the financial psychosocial stressors and provide practical support including assistance negotiating with creditors and preparing manageable budgets.

For assistance, please call us on 13 18 19.
*Gambling is Western Sydney’s silent epidemic, new analysis finds | Western Sydney University