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Thriving Leaders - Supporting school leaders to serve their school communities

Thriving Leaders

What is Thriving Leaders?

Thriving Leaders is a bespoke service focused on supporting primary and secondary Catholic school principals and leaders, encouraging resilience and reflection, as they manage the demands of their community role.

The service provides the opportunity to debrief with someone who understands the nuances of working in schools.

Our expert CatholicCare Clinicians work proactively with school leaders to maintain their wellbeing as they undertake their responsibilities in accordance with the mission, vision and values of the school community.

CatholicCare Sydney has been providing Thriving Leaders since 2019. It was founded on our expert counselling and support services provided to schools for over 30 years and is well placed to understand the school context and unique pressures of leadership roles in Catholic Education.


  • Six or eight one-hour sessions per year
  • Completed via videoconferencing at the participant’s convenience
  • A proactive, strengths-based conversational approach
  • Tailored to each individual
  •  Delivered by CatholicCare Clinicians who have experience in and understanding of Catholic Education systems


  • Independent and unbiased senior leadership support provided by professionals external to the school community
  • Improved performance and relationships at work
  • Better work-life balance
  • Increased ability to compartmentalise and leave school at school
  • New ways to think about and manage difficult conversations

To participate in Thriving Leaders, school leaders can contact the team responsible for principal wellbeing in their diocese or by contacting CatholicCare Sydney online or call us on 13 18 19

This service is currently only available to leaders in Catholic schools.