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Twelve festive ideas for the holiday break

The school year is over and the much anticipated holiday break can begin! It’s an exciting time for kids, but for parents it can be a love-hate time of year, with long days ahead filled with potentially bored children.

To help out, we’ve put together a list of twelve festive ideas to keep the kids occupied through the break.

#1 Time at home: approach the time off with the kids as an opportunity to reconnect with them - find out what they would like to do. Perhaps put some restrictions around screen time first.

#2 Play board games - board games can be fun! Get the whole family involved in some classics like Pictionary or Monopoly - perfect for if the weather isn’t looking too good.

#3 Encourage reading - instead of screens, encourage your kids to read books, either together or individually. If they prefer something more interactive, try the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books to get them engaged.

#4 Audiobooks - if reading gets a bit hard, try listening to audiobooks together. These are particularly good for a long car journey. Try Audible for a wide range of titles.

#5 Education apps and games - there is evidence to suggest that apps can be educational tools. If screen time is too hard to regulate, you can at least keep them learning. Try out some of the apps listed in this HuffPost article.

#6 Get outside - step outside into the fresh air and play. If you have a patio area or nearby wall, use large (easy to clean off) chalk for drawing and games.

#7 Create an obstacle course - get the whole family using their creative juices to make an obstacle course in the backyard, or if you want to go large, use the local park.

#8 Community events and activities - at this time of year plenty is going on in your local community - carol singing, kids playgroups and sports clubs are all there to keep your kids occupied. Check with your local community centre or council.

#9 Libraries - Similarly, your local library will have a list of holiday activities for the kids. Check their website or ask next time you go.

#10 Get creative - there are plenty of Christmas jobs to be done at this time of year. Get your kids making Christmas cards or decorating plain wrapping with their unique designs. You could even let them loose on the tree!

#11 Spend quality time - the festive period is sometimes the only time of year when the whole family has free time. Make the most of it by spending it together without work, school or phones distracting you.

#12 Visit grandparents, family and friends - it’s a great time of year to catch up with family and reconnect with old friends. Plan some time with the people who make you happy.

With a bit of imagination and creativity, you can make the school holidays fun, educational and full of quality time spent with family and friends.

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