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Tackling back-to-school anxiety

Relaxing time together and family trips away, the school holidays should be filled with happiness and joy for both, children and parents. As they draw to a close, however, another emotion can sneak into our lives… anxiety.

Starting a new year at school or returning from a short break can be an exciting time, but also an anxious one. As a result, many children and their parents feel nervous as holiday periods draw to a close.

When it comes to dealing with this common challenge, preparation is key! Here are some tips to tackle back-to-school anxiety and help your children feel confident as the holidays come to an end.

For primary school kids

For teenagers

What about my behaviour?

Your children aren’t the only ones who might be feeling nervous at this time. By being aware of and managing your own anxiety, you are helping your children feel calm, confident and in control.

Need more help?

If you suspect that anxiety is beginning to interfere with your child’s daily life, it could be time to get extra help. Advice is available by picking up the phone to Parent Line on 1300 1300 52. CatholicCare also offers parent and child development programs - find a group that suits your needs today.

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