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Foster care and adoption

Foster care and adoptions

Family Spirit is a NSW foster care and adoption agency that seeks safe and caring homes for vulnerable children and young people across Sydney and regional areas. We also support young people to move to independence following care. Created in a partnership between CatholicCare Sydney and Marist180. We believe that by working together, we can foster better outcomes for vulnerable children, young people and families.

Have you ever thought of becoming a Foster Carer?

Did you know that each month in Sydney there are approximately 155 requests for assistance to find safe homes for children and young people? Currently, the greatest need is for carers for young people aged eight to 14 years.

Family Spirit foster care and adoption agency is seeking assistance with the following types of care:

  • Immediate: A few days, often at short notice
  • Part-time: A few days, or regular weekends to provide support for carers and the young people in their care
  • Short-term: From a few months to two years
  • Long-term: Until a child reaches 18 years, or is adopted from foster care

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