Helping Sydney families with relationships, parenting, ageing, disabilities, addictions and mental health concerns.

Parent Education Groups

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We help parents learn new strategies and create opportunities to connect with other parents.

We offer parents group courses that will teach them new strategies while sharing experiences with other parents.

Our range of parenting courses includes:

  • Circle of Security, 123 Magic, Emotion Coaching, and Engaging Adolescents are courses for helping parents build positive relationships with children
  • Parenting Side by Side allows parents from different cultures to explore the ups and downs of raising children in Australia
  • My Kids and Me is a special program for parents of children living in out of home care
  • Keeping Kids in Mind is a group for separated parents
  • Building Bully Shields gives tools to help parents whose children who are being bullied

We also offer courses to organisations who would like to support their staff with parenting skills. Call our team on 13 18 19 to find out more.

To view our Term 4 2018 course calendar click here.

To view the Building Bully Shields course information please click here.

Parenting Course evaluations

In 2010 the Keeping Kids in Mind Post Separation Parenting program was externally evaluated by the Family Action Centre at Newcastle University. Please click here for a copy of the evaluation.

In 2013 the My Kids and Me Parenting Program for parents whose children are in out of home care was externally evaluated by the Centre for Child Protection at the University of South Australia. Please click here for a copy of the evaluation.