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Centacare’s expert team of trainers work alongside participants to help build skills and qualifications that can assist you with the transition from school to the workplace. To learn more about Centacare’s education and training opportunities, call our CCareline team on 13 18 19 or contact us online.

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Training Programs

All you want to do is dance_Centacare

All You Want To Do Is Dance 
Focussing on expression through movement and music, changing themes keep classes dynamic. Participants will get to perform a solo with their favourite song.

Let's Get Musical_Centacare

Let’s Get Musical 
The perfect environment for students to express themselves. Participants love choosing their favorite song and performing a solo.

The Gamers_Centacare

The Gamers
An opportunity for students to relax, in a fun setting while enjoying time with their peers. We provide a selection of gaming technology with an appropriate choice of games.

Apprentice Chef Level 1_Centacare

Apprentice Chef Level 1
Aim to develop basic cooking skills for participants. Simple dishes and culinary tasks such as; basic food preparation, different methods, education in safe food handling and storage and using microwave.

Apprentice Chef Level 2_Centacare

Apprentice Chef Level 2
This course provides an excellent grasp on creating meals that have multiple steps involved and is suited to those who are able to make basic dishes at home.

Art Explosion_Centacare

Art Explosion
Expression through art,  with a new theme every month. Topics include; colour and shape identification, painting techniques, shading and drawing and origami and creating personalized cards.

Self Defence for Disability_Centacare

Self Defence for Disability
Led by a qualified black belt in Karate, techniques in awareness and basic skills in defence.  This is a non-contact class using boxing bags, gloves and pads. Students are awarded through stages.

Firness for Disability_Centacare

Fitness for Disability
This class is taught by a qualified fitness instructor in a well-equipped gym at Centacare. Each class cover topics on; healthy eating, simple stretching and circuit style training exercise.

Relationships for Disability_Centacare

Relationships for Disability 
Enhancing communications skills with friends, family and the community including; verbal and non - verbal communication, personal space, speaking up, special people in my life and appropriate conversations.

Computers and More_Centacare

Computers and More
This group class gives participants basic computer skills including; Letter identification and typing, using a mouse, printing documents and web search. Each participant is provided their own device to complete tasks at their own pace

Day Trips_Centacare

Day Trips
Providing experiences in the community, and the opportunity to socialise with fellow participants. Outings could include; outdoor games at a local park, a walk and lunch at Bicentennial Park or a BBQ in the Georges River National Park.

Transition to Retirement_Centacare

Life After Supported Employment 
Designed to reduce the anxiety felt by participants who are reaching retirement age and will no longer be working at Centacare. Including; personal care, friendships and relationships and accessing support services.

To learn more about Centacare’s education and training opportunities, call our CCareline team on 13 18 19 or contact us online.

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