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Our Parenting Hub provides tips and practical advice on building positive relationships with your child. You’ll also find suggestions on how to handle the challenges of parenthood and the importance of emotional and physical wellbeing for the whole family. Resources categories include; primary school, high school, family wellbeing, relationships and learning.

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High School

Guiding your teenager through issues of body image

15 Jan 2021

Issues with negative body image are on the rise. What can you do to guide your teen through this tough time?


How to manage your child's emotions

5 Jan 2021

Starting something new or just an every day challenge, follow these tips to help manage your child's emotions


Twelve festive ideas for the holiday break

3 Dec 2020

How to keep your kids occupied and educated during the extended festive break.

Father Son

How to give your child self-confidence

5 Nov 2020

Helping your child to feel good about themselves provides a foundation of confidence long into adulthood.

Family Wellbeing

Creating childhood memories with family time

21 Oct 2020

Creating childhood memories with family time


How to build strong foundations for your family

7 Oct 2020

Building strong relationships will help you face challenges together.