Helping Sydney families with relationships, parenting, ageing, disabilities, addictions and mental health concerns.
8am - 6pm. Mon - Fri

Our Vision and Mission

Group of people standing together

CatholicCare's vision is for a society in which we all feel supported and valued, irrespective of beliefs and abilities.

We realise this vision by offering a broad range of social services built on our mission of valuing dignity, strengthening families and connecting communities.

Our four guiding principles help us to support the many needs of individuals, families and communities:-

  • We preserve human dignity, affirming that each person should be loved and respected
  • We nurture the common good, fostering relationships so everyone has a sense of belonging
  • We value subsidiarity, supporting people to make their own decisions about their lives
  • We walk in solidarity with others, putting ourselves in their shoes and understanding their needs

For more information on our vision, please call CCareline on 13 18 19.