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Western Sydney Women – Leader of Change 2023 – Kate Dover

Western Sydney Women – Leader of Change 2023 – Kate Dover

Following in the footsteps of the four remarkable women who founded CatholicCare Sydney in 1940 and made it easier for distressed couples to access marriage counselling, made it perfectly acceptable for women to take charge, and advocated for those in vulnerable situations, our own Kate Dover has just been named the Leader of Change at the recent Western Sydney Women Awards.

Western Sydney Women is a social enterprise committed to inspiring, advocating, supporting, and connecting women, and gives a voice to over 1 million women in Sydney’s inner west, greater west, north west, and south west.

The founders of CatholicCare are the original Leaders of Change who inspire me every day and remind me that it is perfectly ok to stand up and speak up and do everything you can to make things better for others,” said Kate after her win.

“I hope our founders would accept me as a kindred spirit – a woman who sees the need for change and makes sure I am not only working hard for our clients but also the women who work beside me, the young women following me, and the community I belong to.”

Kate was recognised for her work restructuring the way CatholicCare organised family law services and instigating an innovative case management model in family law services including the development and implementation of child-inclusive practice in all work. She was also acknowledged for leading her team in a manner that is forward-looking with proactive risk management, so the team has a sense of control, and for promoting a shared sense of purpose and direction so that all members know each other and understand their respective contributions.