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The Mission Australia Youth Survey 2023

The Mission Australia Youth Survey 2023

The Mission Australia Youth Survey 2023, a nationwide survey of 15-19-year-olds, highlighted the increase in mental health concerns amongst today’s teens, with 35% of those surveyed in NSW citing it as their major personal concern.

CatholicCare Sydney School Counsellors predominantly assist students with concerns including mental health issues, social issues and maladaptive coping strategies like self-harm and vaping. They suggest parents look out for a withdrawal or lack of interest in activities their teen once enjoyed, social or school avoidance, moodiness and sadness, sleep deprivation, and changes in appetite.

Stress, anxiety, and depression can be difficult for teens to address without some professional assistance, so the School Counsellors at CatholicCare Sydney were not surprised by the finding that 43% of teens are concerned about coping with stress and would like greater understanding from their parents and teachers. Whilst acknowledging that stress is unavoidable and can be typical for those in their final years of high school, unhealthy levels become problematic when they interfere with the ability to stay engaged in daily tasks. Stress becomes a concern when high irritability, anger and somatic complaints like headaches, anxiety, tense muscles, exhaustion are increasingly present.

“The solution for teenagers experiencing any mental health concerns is often the responsibility of the whole community including the parents, siblings, school, and external services. It is rarely simple,” explains one counsellor.

“The school counsellor is often consulting with teachers, diverse learning, wellbeing team, parents, and external service providers to provide the best possible outcome for the student.”

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