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Shining a light on homelessness at Christmas

After a challenging year, disrupted by the COVID pandemic, we are looking forward to celebrating Christmas, both with our families and friends and through community events like the 12th annual Lights of Christmas – Sydney’s favourite FREE Christmas tradition.

The theme for this year’s display is HOME. Opening the invitation to all, Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP shared more on the theme.

“Though many of us might be sick of the four walls we call home, this year’s Lights of Christmas theme is about recognising and reconnecting with each other as sharers in our shared home of Sydney.”

The theme also turns our attention to those who don’t have a place to call home.

As a member of the End Street Sleeping Collaboration (ESSC), we are pleased to share that they are the charity partner of Lights of Christmas for 2021. Helping to shine a light on the important issue of homelessness, ESSC will be at the event each night, from 9 to 25 December to answer questions, raise awareness and seek support for this cause.

At the event, ESSC will be highlighting stories of people they’ve supported and reminding us that No one chooses to be homeless. People like Sarah, who was fleeing family violence or Michael, who lost his job and home after experiencing a brain injury. 

You can support the work of End Street Collaboration today, by visiting more information on Lights of Christmas, visit

Lights of Christmas event