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NSW Youth Week 2024

Express. Empower. Get loud – this is the theme for Youth Week 2024, and it is embraced by CatholicCare Sydney.

Express. Empower. Get loud – this is the theme for Youth Week 2024, and it is embraced by CatholicCare Sydney.

Our programs encourage children and young adults to express their feelings, talk about their problems, join group discussions, and seek connections that will help them be themselves. Support is provided for those who are themselves or have a family member dealing with problem alcohol or substance use or gambling behaviours. Mediation and support are available for those with family breakdowns and help to navigate the uncertainty when parents separate – including group work and counselling for children aged between 7 and 12. Assistance is also provided through primary and secondary schools, including counselling and support with mental health wellbeing.

Giving children and young adults a safe space to express themselves and to feel that they are not alone helps them to realise a brighter future.

We advocate for the voice and participation of those facing barriers, empowering them to enjoy the freedom and ability to make choices and be in control of their own story. A particular focus with our disability services is to ensure education and employment opportunities are provided, assisting everyone to reach their potential and develop skills for life. Young school leavers with a disability are provided with the help they require to develop vocational skills and secure employment and are welcomed to social programs to help explore their community, make friends, and gain the skills they need to live an independent life.

Providing children and young adults with the support they need to truly feel empowered helps them to understand how to overcome hurdles and cope with difficult situations.

Encouraging active engagement and providing the means for children and young adults to get loud means giving them outlets – from the Club DCI all abilities disco run by Disability Services to the Owl Kids creative group therapy to support children who are experiencing family separation. CatholicCare Sydney has an abundance of programs and services for children and young adults and is committed to ensuring the youth within our communities not only feel supported but just as importantly they feel heard and celebrated. This Youth Week we encourage everyone to join in, explore the activities on offer, and let their stories and opinions be heard!

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