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Most of us will live a long life and die of age-related illnesses. As a result, we put off thinking or talking about death and dying. But what about those who face the diagnosis of a serious and life-limiting illness, or their loved ones? How do we carry on in the knowledge that they may soon be gone, how do we support them and ourselves?

As a community, it’s time we started talking about death and dying and how we support those who are journeying towards their final days.

Introducing - a helpful resource for people with life-limiting illnesses, their families and anyone supporting others in their final stages of life.

Living Well Dying Well is a collaboration of Catholic parishes and agencies working with palliative care services to provide these resources, and also looks to enhance these community services through the provision of volunteers to accompany sick people and their families, and offer them a range of additional supports beyond the clinical aspects of dying.

"While we no longer live in such proximity, Christians are still called to be a community of care. The launch of Living Well Dying Well marks an important step along that path." Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP

Living Well Dying Well is thus a Catholic program which aims to enhance the journey of people who are sick and may be approaching their end of life. It seeks to form a caring and compassionate community around these people, support them more fully, respond to their needs and help their families with any of the care that is needed.

As a proud Living Well Dying Well collaborator, Mark Phillips shares the drive behind this significant community focussed initiative.

"Living Well Dying Well is the promotion of a Christian approach to death and dying that will assist people to have less fear of death and to regard it as a normal part of life. Our hope is that people die in a state of grace, reconnected with God and at peace with others.

"We also see significant benefit in having community-based accompaniment that provides compassionate care for people and their families and friends through to the end of life." Mark Phillips, CEO CatholicCare Sydney

Living Well, Dying Well is a collaboration between Catholic Healthcare, St Vincent’s Health Australia, Catholic Cemeteries & Crematoria, Grief Care, CatholicCare Sydney, CatholicCare Broken Bay, and the University of Notre Dame.

Visit today to find out more about volunteering in the community, and how to help us remove the stigma and fear surround death and dying.