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Joy of Love: growing and fostering relationships for life

Joy of Love: growing and fostering relationships for life

Joy of Love is a strategic approach that encompasses the formation of people of different ages and stages of life in a Christian approach to relationships, marriage, family and sexual intimacy. It includes a wide range of programs, courses and experiences of formation within the Archdiocese for young children, teenagers, post-school, engaged couples and married couples. 

Joy of Love calls on the effective collaboration between different agencies, organisations, parishes within the Archdiocese. As part of its 10 Year Picture of Success, CatholicCare is committed to being the ‘backbone' of the development and implementation of the Framework. 

In 2020, this Framework was developed by CatholicCare and endorsed by Archbishop Anthony Fisher, OP. The Framework is a continuum, in five stages: 

  1. Self Awareness Stage (Primary School Years: 5-12 years)
  2. Positive Relationships (Secondary Schools: 13-18 years)
  3. Flourishing Partnerships (Post Secondary School: 19 years-young adults)
  4. Engagement period/journey
  5. Lifelong marriages 

In 2021, 3 Working Parties were established, focussed on: 

Each Working Party is currently planning and developing one action/activity for each stage, for initiation/engagement late 2021/early 2022. For information, watch the video below.