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The importance of giving

Contributing a tax-deductible gift to a charity on an ongoing basis, referred to as regular or recurring giving, has an incredibly positive impact on many lives. The donor is supporting a cause that is personal, close to their hearts, or one they firmly believe in, and the recipient has some funding pressure alleviated and their work is validated by receiving this declaration of trust and ongoing support.

CatholicCare Sydney has a dedicated group of regular givers, providing a steady stream of funding which allow for better program planning because we know what we have to spend. It is not about giving more; it is about giving regularly. Providing small regular donations allows the donor to stay connected and to see the impact their gift is having. Also, research has revealed there is a link between donating to a charity and a boost in the brain function that registers pleasure, affirming the belief that it is better to give than to receive.

As a regular giver, you receive a statement at the end of the financial year to assist with your tax return. Donations from as little as $10 per month are accepted

If you are interested in becoming a regular giver, with a monthly donation to CatholicCare, please contact 13 18 19 or visit