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HOPE – Supporting young mums at risk

The HOPE program gives young mothers and their babies the support they need to build a brighter future. 

CatholicCare’s HOPE Program supports young mothers (aged 16-25) who are pregnant or have a child under two years. These young mums often have their own significant needs and require assistance with concerns such as homelessness, trauma, substance abuse, poor mental health or domestic violence. 

Through integrated one-on-one support, we help young mums and their families thrive by supporting them with: 

This support is not only important for the young families’ immediate futures but also crucial for the infants in the long term, as research indicates that a safe and supported start to life leads to better health, education and social outcomes throughout life. 

HOPE aims to keep families together, avoiding intervention by the justice system, improve child developmental outcomes, break the cycle of generational disadvantage, and help them thrive, maximising all opportunities for their futures. 

With secure housing and the help of our caseworkers the HOPE mothers can focus on developing their parenting skills, working to heal from trauma and on their educational needs.  

Since we began in 2015, we’ve helped 135 families stay together and build greater hope for the future. 

We will shortly be launching a campaign to grow this very worthwhile program to help more young families and we will need the support of the community. We look forward to sharing this exciting initiative with you very soon.