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Open Day, a joyful experience at Centacare Industries

It was an open day that did not disappoint at Centacare Industries in Belmore, 10 June 2021. Opening their doors, management were on hand to answer questions and show guests through the centre. Centacare provides work, training, and social opportunities for people living with intellectual disability.

The Open day was aimed at attracting school leavers with a disability who are considering their options for 2022 and to understand more about School Leavers Employment Supports.

What visitors experienced was a vibrant environment where both students, workers and participants thrive. There were demonstrations in Martial arts, where participants displayed the disciplines learnt from their mentor and Sensei, plus an express Zumba session to turn things up a notch.

Although the mercury dropped to the lowest it had in the last 25 years, it did not cloud the joy and comradery, as smiles could be captured from every corner of every room, including those waiting in line at the BBQ area.

A very special thank you to Matt Cooper, of the St George Illawarra Dragons, who chatted to almost every single participant, spreading much excitement and positive vibes at Centacare’s annual event.  

The Belmore Boys High School Band finished the day by delighting the audience with a touch of “the blues”.  The students themselves were an absolute pleasure, with their manners as finely tuned as their instruments. Thank you, Mr Charlie Hill, for organizing the visit and for delivering such a wonderful performance with your students.

An open day at Centacare is never complete without those who have shown unwavering support for many years and we would like to thank; Wally Mehanna CEO of Canterbury Bankstown Chamber of Commerce and Councillor Bilal El Hayek who not only attended but participated in the self-defence display and left us with these words of wisdom; "A black belt is just a white belt who never gave up". 

As well as Centacare’s established community connections in the region of Canterbury Bankstown Council, the centre have several facilities on site ranging from a therapy room, singing studio right through to a gym and computer room.

If you would like to find out more about Centacare and School Leaver Employment Supports, please contact us below.