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It’s Good to Give!

It’s Good to Give!

Prosocial spending means spending money on other people, particularly gifts or donations to charity, and it is said to increase a person’s happiness and provide an emotional boost. People feel even happier when they give to a charity they have a personal connection to.

Fortunately, everyone can find a personal connection to CatholicCare Sydney and the programs we run – we offer support to babies, children, school students, young families, older Australians, those living with a disability, those experiencing addiction, and those looking for pastoral care and companionship.

We can do all of this and more thanks in part to the funding we receive from our generous supporters and donors, and we would like to acknowledge this and reiterate our gratitude and appreciation for all we receive. Whether it is financial support, toys or school essentials and gifts for families in need, groceries, sharing our appeals and our stories, and providing advice and services at a reduced rate.

In 2023 we supported over 35,000 children, young people, adults, and families, and this included 70,000+ occasions of service to families, school counselling for over 6,000 students, 9,300 clients received visits from Chaplains, and 111 young women who had 157 children participated in the HOPE program. All this work was enabled by the extraordinary generosity of individuals and family foundations, pro and low bono supporters, bequests, and our social justice school partners.

We know there are three main reasons people donate to charitable organisations:

• Belief that giving can make a difference
• Desire to give back to the community
• Sense of personal satisfaction from giving

When supporters and donors give to CatholicCare Sydney, it makes a significant difference in people’s lives and gives back to the communities we work with.

We can provide practical assistance – baby supplies including nappies and clothing, laptops for school students in at-risk or vulnerable situations, education programs for young families, mediation and family dispute resolution, counselling, classes and training courses for volunteers and companions, education and employment training equipment for our disability participants, and more.

The satisfaction from giving – the social psychology of generosity – has a positive effect on the brain and leads to a more optimistic outlook. There can also be a boost to your self-esteem and a reduction in stress as thinking about helping others moves your attention away from your own worries or concerns..

A new way to donate – without opening your wallet!

CatholicCare Sydney is partnering with AJL Fundraising Group as part of the Gold4good initiative – turning unwanted gold or broken bits of jewellery into a brighter future for at-risk families or those in vulnerable situations. Simply donate your old, broken, or unwanted jewellery – rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings – and we will turn it into valuable support for those who need it. A broken necklace clasp or a ring that no longer fits or has a stone missing could help make a difference in the life of those who turn to CatholicCare Sydney for help – the jewellery you no longer want can help sustain our lifechanging programs.

The Gold4good campaign launched in February 2024. Any gold coins or spare change will also be accepted. Simply email for a donation pack today!