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Fairfield's official site launch!

Fairfield's official site launch!

The opening of CatholicCare Sydney’s new Children & Family Services central hub, in one of Australia’s most multicultural and culturally diverse cities, has allowed counsellors and practice managers to immerse themselves in the community and gain a clearer understanding of the daily struggles faced by so many.

The Fairfield office is a hub for our programs that support the local community including services for domestic and family violence, gambling addictions, and other family challenges.

On the day, we heard heartbreaking real-life stories, highlighting the impact of our work as well as the importance of our integrated stepped care approach, meaning that we offer a wrap-around suite of service options and aim to address the unique needs of each client. 

Dai Le, MPPresentation

The official opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony was attended by representatives from a variety of organisations and government departments working within this space, including Family Relationship Services Australia, the Department of Social Services, Anglicare Sydney, Uniting, Fairfield LAC, and Fairfield Community Corrections.

“This central office allows us to get to know our clients and the social issues present, we can see firsthand the problems in areas including infrastructure, transport, day-to-day life and better understand how to help our clients to realistically tackle challenges,” said Alastair.

“It is incredibly important that we are located within this vibrant and diverse city with one office offering a range of our services. We are responding to a need for support for a community with higher-than-average family and domestic violence, poor mental health outcomes, and a range of harms that disrupt their life and that of their family and loved ones.”  

The office is located within Fairfield City Central shopping centre and is an easy five-minute walk from the train station, providing convenient access for clients within a familiar environment. CatholicCare Sydney has been serving the Fairfield LGA community for more than 30 years, beginning with a caravan parked behind the Catholic church. The opening of our new office space further strengthens our commitment to work with the local community.

To learn more about our Fairfield site and its services, watch our video here