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Shining light in Sydney's Prisons CatholicCare

A shining light in Sydney’s prisons

1 Nov 2022

Institutional Chaplaincy Manager, Peter Carrol, shares the importance and challenges associated with bringing hope to those in Sydney's correctional facilities.

Carer Gateway

Celebrating National Carers Week 2022

14 Oct 2022

National Carers Week celebrates the important work undertaken by 2.65 million unpaid carers in Australia.

GambleAware CatholicCare banner

What’s gambling costing you?

12 Oct 2022

With a focus on the costs of gambling and education initiatives for parents, teachers and the Sydney community, the theme for this year’s GambleAware Week is ‘What’s gambling costing you?’

Parenting is a team sport CatholicCare Sydney

Parenting is a team sport

28 Sep 2022

With more than 25 years of experience, Vanessa Harnischmacher shares why parenting is meant to be a team sport and why some families desperately need support from the sideline.

Mental health myths that need busting

Mental health myths that need busting

20 Sep 2022

It’s been said a lot, we need to talk about mental health. But there are some mental health myths we still hear today that are stopping us from talking.

Keeping children safe and supported CatholicCare Sydney

How we, as a community, can keep children safe and supported

2 Sep 2022

During National Child Protection Week, Lo-Shu Wen, Client Safeguarding Specialist, shares how we, as a community, can keep children safe and supported.

HSC Support parents CatholicCare Sydney

How to support your children through the HSC

2 Sep 2022

With over 20 years of experience working in CatholicCare's School Counselling Program, Suzie McKinley shares 5 ways parents can support their children through the HSC.

The Journey Dr Lauren Kadwell-CatholicCare Sydney

Talking social justice with Journey Catholic Radio

1 Sep 2022

Following the 2022 Australian Catholic Bishops Social Justice statement, Dr Lauren Kadwell sat down with Journey Catholic Radio to discuss the statement.

Refugees seek a life of freedom

Refugees seek a life of freedom, dignity and security

3 Jun 2022

Hanin Al-Sayfee unpacks common misconceptions about refugees and explains more about the challenges they face and how we can best support them.