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Mental health myths that need busting

Mental health myths that need busting

20 Sep 2022

It’s been said a lot, we need to talk about mental health. But there are some mental health myths we still hear today that are stopping us from talking.

Keeping children safe and supported CatholicCare Sydney

How we, as a community, can keep children safe and supported

2 Sep 2022

During National Child Protection Week, Lo-Shu Wen, Client Safeguarding Specialist, shares how we, as a community, can keep children safe and supported.

HSC Support parents CatholicCare Sydney

How to support your children through the HSC

2 Sep 2022

With over 20 years of experience working in CatholicCare's School Counselling Program, Suzie McKinley shares 5 ways parents can support their children through the HSC.

The Journey Dr Lauren Kadwell-CatholicCare Sydney

Talking social justice with Journey Catholic Radio

1 Sep 2022

Following the 2022 Australian Catholic Bishops Social Justice statement, Dr Lauren Kadwell sat down with Journey Catholic Radio to discuss the statement.

Refugees seek a life of freedom

Refugees seek a life of freedom, dignity and security

3 Jun 2022

Hanin Al-Sayfee unpacks common misconceptions about refugees and explains more about the challenges they face and how we can best support them.

Living Well Dying Well Community Forum

Community Forum encourages much needed conversations

31 May 2022

The Living Well Dying Well Community Forum has already started much-needed conversations in our community.

Corey on an international mission from Port Moresby PNG to Melbourne

CatholicCare volunteer on the COVID frontline in PNG

11 May 2022

When Registered Nurse and CatholicCare Volunteer, Corey Sclater, learned of the great need in Papua New Guinea (PNG) as COVID spread through the country, he didn’t hesitate to respond.

Mothers Day HOPE news

Supporting and empowering young mums

4 May 2022

Emma Neill reflects on the role of young mums, particularly those who are struggling with circumstances in their lives that are often out of their control.

ESSC senior woman experiencing homelessness

Seniors over-represented among homeless in NSW

4 Apr 2022

New insights from the End Street Sleeping Collaboration (ESSC) show that people over the age of 50 experiencing homelessness do not have access to the support they need.