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We are committed to our vision - a society in which we all are supported and valued. Read on to see our latest news and updates from across CatholicCare Sydney.

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Pancake Day tile

Pancake Day: What is the meaning of Shrove Tuesday?

13 Feb 2024

Last week a well-known supermarket chain had small pancake pans featured in their ‘special buys’ aisle, serving as a reminder that Tuesday 13 February is Pancake Tuesday – more correctly known as Shrove Tuesday.

How to feel good this Feel-Good Feb!

How to feel good this Feel-Good Feb!

9 Feb 2024

Feel Good February is the perfect time to check in on our mental health and wellbeing! Prioritise yourself with positive actions, good deeds, and random acts of kindness!

World Interfaith Harmony Week

World Interfaith Harmony Week

31 Jan 2024

World Interfaith Harmony Week has been observed since 2010 after first being proposed at the United Nations by HM King Abdullah II of Jordan to promote harmony between citizens of the world regardless of their faith.

International Thank You Day 2024

International Thank You Day 2024

10 Jan 2024

On January 11 each year, we celebrate International Thank You Day – it is a simple idea, but it carries a lot of power.

Christmas Gift Appeal 2023

Christmas Gift Appeal 2023

21 Dec 2023

The tradition of giving gifts at Christmas dates back to the Magi, or three wise men, and we are proud to continue the gift-giving tradition with our annual Christmas Gift Appeal.

Mission Australia Survey summary

The Mission Australia Youth Survey 2023

14 Dec 2023

A nationwide survey of 15-19-year-olds, highlighted the increase in mental health concerns amongst today’s teens, with 35% of those surveyed in NSW citing it as their major personal concern.

New Disability Services Liverpool Centre

CatholicCare Sydney Disability Services Liverpool Centre is officially OPEN!

11 Dec 2023

The services offered at the new centre located at 31Bigge Street Liverpool will mirror the current programs at our Belmore site, providing people with disability the opportunity to ‘Learn, Work and Connect’.

Western Sydney Women – Leader of Change 2023 – Kate Dover

Western Sydney Women – Leader of Change 2023 – Kate Dover

8 Dec 2023

CatholicCare Sydney’s Kate Dover recognised as the 2023 Leader of Change by the Western Sydney Women advisory and advocacy organisation.

Older Australians safety during heatwaves and bushfires

Read our helpful factsheet to help others through the heatwave and bushfire season

7 Dec 2023

We are so happy you have joined us here on our news page to download our free, no-obligation Fire and Safety checklist. By reading this useful information, you can share what you have learnt with your neighbour, family member or anyone who could do with a little reminder on what to do when faced with extreme conditions.