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Are you an experienced professional committed to assisting families post separation? Consider the opportunity to become a facilitator for Keeping Kids in Mind (KKIM) and make a practical impact in your community.

Our Facilitator Training is designed for professionals with backgrounds in parenting education, counselling, mediation, post separation services, and related fields. You'll gain access to practical strategies and resources to adeptly lead KKIM sessions.

After successfully completing the training and signing the Licensing Agreement, you'll be authorised to conduct KKIM sessions within your local area. By helping parents adopt their children's perspective, you'll guide them to navigate conflict and focus on providing a secure environment for their children post separation.


KKIM strictly requires facilitation by two trained facilitators.

Enroll today to become a KKIM Facilitator and have access to a network of KKIM resources.

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Contact Keeping Kids in Mind, using the form below, to find out more about the program, order resources and make a booking. Alternatively, you can call us on 13 18 19.

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