Masterclass 3: Navigating Aged Care

Masterclass 3: Navigating Aged Care

In this class, we provided a guide to accessing aged care services and the breadth of services available in our community. From registration and service selection to choosing a provider that meets your needs.

See below for further information and answers to some frequently asked questions.

Further information

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Frequently asked questions

See below for answers and advice from our guest speakers.

Are aged care services available to all people, regardless of religious beliefs or specific denominations?
All services offered by CatholicCare Sydney and Catholic Healthcare are available for anyone, regardless of their faith beliefs and/or specific denomination.

Are all aged care workers required to be double vaccinated?
At this stage, mandatory vaccinations are only required for residential aged care workers. For more information visit In addition to this, a current Public Health Order requires Home Care Staff who live in one of the LGAs of concern must have had at least one vaccination to be able to work with clients who live in a different LGA. Catholic Healthcare gone a step further and has made vaccinations compulsory for all staff

I have a CHSP. Do I still have to apply for an ACAP that I might need in the future?
Yes. CHSP services do not require an ACATassessment to be completed. Therefore an additional Comprehensive Assessment needs to be completed by an Aged Care Assessment Team to obtain approval for aHome Care Package or a Residential Care service.

If a resident in aged care needs special help - specific bedding or chair seating what can be done to help?
The Aged Care Provider should be able to provide this for the resident. It will need to be clinically approved, suitable and justifiable as to why you need that specific bedding or chair. If the equipment is deemed as clinically necessary and not just a “preference” then it should be supplied.

What is your response/solution to a complicated assessment letter?
Once a consumer receives any correspondence regarding approval for services they are encouraged to contact an Approved Provider (such as CatholicCare or Catholic Healthcare) and seek support to understand what it means. There is no costs associated with contacting an Approved Provider for this assistance.

How much do the recipients have to pay towards a home care package item?
We estimate that clients would contribute about $10 per hour towards most Commonwealth Home Support Service activities or $10 per day towards most Home Care Package services. Every service provider needs to discuss associated fees prior to commencing services.

Additional costs in aged care. Is there any help with the cost of medications and personal care such as specific deodorants, shampoo and hairdressing etc?
Medications are a cost to the individual but The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) is applied so they should be discounted. Personal Care items are supplied at most homes but you don’t get a choice on brand and preference. If you wish to use products you know and enjoy, then you will need to purchase these yourself. With regards to hairdressing, most homes now have a hairdressing salon & a barber that will visit the home. Generally, these services are offered at a discounted price but will be an out-of-pocket expense.

What is required to be entitled for the Aged Care services? Specific age and/or letter from doctor?
Generally speaking, clients have to be over the aged of 65 (50 for indigenous people), be registered with My AgedCare and have approval for services after an assessment. While a letter from your doctor isn’t required, it doesn’t hurt the process.

When touring a Residential Aged Care Home what type of questions should I be asking staff at the Home?
Download 'Top Questions to ask Aged Care Homes', this has been put together by the government in response to the Royal Commission. All Aged Care Homes should be comfortable and happy to answer these questions. Also always remember that staff should be both proud and happy to show you around the home, for you to see where they work and meet the residents.

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