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Masterclass 5: Ageing Gracefully Living Fruitfully

Masterclass 5: Ageing Gracefully Living Fruitfully

Hosted by Kerryn Tutt from CatholicCare Sydney and presented by Dr Jason McFarland,  Australian Catholic University - Centre for Liturgy, this masterclass explored the Catholic spirituality of ageing exploring blessings & challenges for a more faith-filled life. God's final call to a strong finish.

Covering four topics; Responding to God’s call, Honouring the body, Knowing what we believe and Preparing, for peace of mind, you can view a recording of the session below and access further resources, including links provided.

Masterclass recording

NOTE: When asked " Can non-Catholics have a Catholic funeral service and burial following their death?", our guest speaker was unsure but answered, "I don't think so, no". See below for a more detailed and accurate respsonse.

"The Church seeks to minister to families duringtimes of illness and grief, including family members who are not Catholic. Afuneral in a Catholic Church for someone who is not Catholic may be possible.Depending on the circumstances, this could include a Mass for the deceased orfuneral rites outside of Mass. 

The funeral for a non-Catholiccan include the various parts of the funeral rite: the Vigil, the funeralliturgy (with or without a Mass, depending on the circumstances), and thecommittal. The liturgies, if desired by the deceased and his or her family,should be carried out according to the norms of the Church. If a funeral Massis celebrated for a non-Catholic, for instance, the name of the deceased shouldnot be included in the Eucharistic prayer, but their name can be used in theother prayers. 

The Church, recognizing theimportance of funerals for the deceased as well as their family members, offersthe consolation of its funeral rites. Catholic clergy, parish staff andbereavement ministers can help families in making funeral arrangements forfamily members even if the family member was not a practicing Catholic." Patricia Thomas, Greif Care Managing Consultant

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