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CatholicCare Vows to Keep Supporting Disadvantaged Women

September 28, 2016

CatholicCare Sydney says it will continue to support young women, despite the State Government’s decision not to provide funding for the Housing and Outreach to Promote Empowerment Program (H.O.P.E.)

The program (which was previously known as the CatholicCare Young Women’s Supported Accommodation Program) has been running since 2001 and has offered accommodation and support to many young women and mothers across the South West Sydney area. It has provided them with transitional accommodation and helped them become a resilient parent with an understanding of living and tenancy skills. It also gives the women the skills to access work, education and independence.

The Cluster Manager for Youth Accommodation and Support, Morgan Childers says the program will officially close on 15th October 2016.

“While this is a very disappointing outcome, we know there is a great need to support young women in this circumstance.” Morgan says. “We want to thank the people who have donated so generously to H.O.P.E. in the past.”

“In better news, we will have two roles in future that will have the ability to provide the specialised support young mothers may need.”

“We will be recruiting a new full time Senior Family Worker who will specialise in working with young mothers around generalised needs, as well as, providing support to enhance best outcomes for their children.”

“This may include generalised case management to help the women find accommodation, get engaged with work/education, build living skills, access personal supports like counselling, etc. Likewise, the worker will provide or access supports for their children where required.”

“This worker will have experience in working with the unique circumstances that may relate to young mothers/families including domestic violence, a strong understanding of child development, child protection, etc.”

The work of the Senior Family Worker will be complemented by support from a part time NSW Health-funded Youth Pregnancy and Parenting Support Coordinator who will provide 1:1 support around pregnancy, parenting, and health-related needs with relation to both mother and child(ren).

Examples of the things this worker may focus on with the mother during pregnancy include: healthy eating, healthy lifestyle, how/where to access medical supports, what to expect when their baby is born and preparing a birth plan.

With mothers who already have children or have just given birth, this may include: breastfeeding education, understanding baby cues, parenting education and skill building and attachment work.

It’s hoped the two roles will help CatholicCare Sydney to continue its support of young mothers.


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the closure of H.O.P.E., please feel free to contact Morgan Childers on 02 9509 1111 between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

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