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Curo - Care for Change

Curo - Care for Change

Curo is the Latin word for care. This is the name given to our campaign that brings attention to the innovative programs and services provided by CatholicCare, to individuals and families in need.

Many vulnerable people right across our community are falling through the cracks and living with devastating disadvantage, such as generational cycles of poverty, homelessness, mental health issues, loneliness and isolation.

Rates of poverty have not changed in 10 years in Australia, even though there has been significant economic growth.

The old methods of helping the most vulnerable in our community don’t seem to be working.

Through Curo, CatholicCare is responding to the needs of vulnerable families and individuals facing unrelenting hardship by testing new and innovative approaches.

These initiatives change lives and give people the opportunity to live with dignity and for a future full of hope and promise.

Invest in change that makes a long-term difference.

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