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Keeping Kids in Mind

What is Keeping Kids in Mind?

Keeping Kids in Mind (KKIM) is a post-separation support program, offering information, referrals and support to separated families experiencing conflict and other complex issues. KKIM aims to improve the psychological and social wellbeing of families after separation through a suite of services, including:

  • Keeping Kids in Mind Group. A five week course for separated parents experiencing ongoing conflict. The course is designed to help parents see things from their children’s perspective and understand how to support children following family separation.
  • Keeping Kids in Mind Case Management Service. A service which aims to support the wellbeing of children and parents following separation through one-on-one support including comprehensive assessment, information and referrals to relevant support services.
  • Keeping Kids in Mind DVD. A resource DVD to help professionals facilitate discussion with parents experiencing conflict after separation. The KKIM DVD takes parents on a journey into the lives of children experiencing separation, and provides helpful ideas on how to manage the challenges of separation.


KKIM is a joint program operated by CatholicCare Sydney, CatholicCare Parramatta, CatholicCare Wollongong and CatholicCare Diocese of Broken Bay.

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Who does Keeping Kids in Mind support?

Keeping Kids in Mind provides a number of services for individuals, parents and families in the greater Sydney area experiencing family breakdown and separation.

Contact Keeping Kids in Mind

Toll Free Phone: 1800 55 46 46

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