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New Parents Program

What is the New Parents Program?

The New Parents Program is assists families adjust to the arrival of a new baby. Home-based case work is provided to help families adjust to the changing conditions, and centre-based group work helps educate new parents about the development of children and parenting skills.

The aim of the New Parents Program is to:

  • Increase the use of positive parenting practices
  • Strengthen the relationship between parents and children
  • Convey knowledge of children’s health and developmental needs
  • Increase the knowledge about local services
  • Expand the supportive social network

Who does the New Parents Program Support?

The New Parents Program assists expecting mums who are at least 26 weeks into their pregnancy and mothers with children up to 3 years old, living in the Fairfield Local Government Area.

Contact the New Parents Program

625 Cabramatta Rd, Cabramatta West NSW 2166
Phone: (02) 8784 6222
Fax: (02) 8784 6299