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Work with us at Centacare

Work with us at Centacare

Finding sustainable and meaningful work for people with an intellectual disability through Centacare.

At Centacare, our employees enjoy the sense of satisfaction that comes from meaningful work. Humans are social animals and work is at the centre of our society. It’s vital to the lives of people with a disability.

The work we offer our employees ranges from basic packaging and assembly to warehousing and logistics. We also have a team of gardeners that care for the grounds of businesses and community organisations, as well as an office cleaning crew.

People enjoy working in the friendly, relaxed atmosphere without pressure. The team enjoys special events and birthday celebrations in addition to opportunities to connect with the community.

Our professional and experienced staff train and develop the employees, aiming to improve their skills, abilities, and ultimately, their lives. In addition to on-the-job training, employees learn further life skills and have the opportunity to undertake external training.

We also involve the families of our employees in Centacare's work. Whether it's dropping in to share a special event with the family or to discuss an employee's needs, we are open and available to families.

To learn more about working at Centacare, call our CCareline team on 13 18 19.

Contact us on 13 18 19