Joy of Love Flourishing Partnerships

Stage 3: Flourishing Partnerships

This stage focuses on the post-secondary school years, tertiary education and entry into the workforce. Important points for relationship development and understanding include:

‘Friendship, as has been said, consists in a full commitment of the will to another person with a view to that person's good.’ St John Paul II, Love and Responsibility, 1981

Relationship testimonials

Most of us are naturally curious and benefit from hearing about the experiences of others, as individuals and couples. The following couples have generously reflected on their experiences, and share their insights into their meeting, their relationship developing, the place of faith in this, and much more.

Dom and Frances

After meeting through mutual friends, find outhow Dom and Frances journey from being colleagues to love and marriage, and some of the people and sources that provided support for them.

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Vincent and Joelle

Filled with Joy, Vincent and Joelle share their journey to marriage, their common interests and the blessings they find together.

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Katie and Nathan

Providing insight into the benefits of marriage preparation and their sources of inspiration, Katie and Nathan share the joy they find in marriage and parenthood.

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Jean-Luc and Dora

From Mauritius to Sydney, Jean-Luc and Dora share insights into their relationship and their COVID impacted journey towards marriage.

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Raz and Chris

Raz and Chris share insight into their relationship including how they met, the role of their shared faith and the joy they find together in love.

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