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Parenting in High School

Here you’ll find information on how to understand and manage your teenager during such big times of change.

Gaming to Gambling

Gaming to Gambling: the link for teeangers

There is a growing belief of a link between online gaming and gambling and the potential for younger gamers to believe they can apply the same gaming skills to gambling and influence the outcome or even master the skills necessary to win.

High School

Parenting in High School: Guiding your teenager through issues of body image

Issues with negative body image are on the rise in Australia. What can you do to guide your teen through this tough time?


Parenting in High School: The art of repair

How to repaid a strained relationship with your teen.

High School

Parenting in High School: How to help your sleep-deprived teen get some rest

How to help your sleep-deprived teen get some rest.

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