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Building Relationships: How to make time to take care of yourself

Building Relationships: How to make time to take care of yourself

Building Relationships: How to make time to take care of yourself

Family life can be busy, making it difficult to find time for yourself. But self-care is important for the wellbeing of yourself and your family.

As a parent, sometimes it’s easy to focus exclusively on your children, forgetting to look after yourself. But staying healthy and happy benefits you and your family.

If you’re tired, unwell and stressed, it becomes harder to care for your children. Family life can be hectic, but carving out some time for yourself, even if it’s just half an hour, will leave you with more energy for your loved ones.

Self-care is not just physical, but also mental. Take a look at some of the following suggestions for maintaining an overall sense of wellbeing, and find something that suits you and your lifestyle.

Get some sleep

Let’s start with the obvious one – getting a regular night’s sleep. Sounds easy, but it’s often one of the hardest things to achieve. Even if you manage to go to bed early, it can be tough to turn off your brain if a million thoughts are going around your head.

  • Phones – leave your phone out of the bedroom. Scrolling through news or social media before bed contributes to a busy brain before sleep.
  • Meditation – try to quieten your mind through meditation just before going to bed. For beginners, download an app like Headspace to guide you.
  • Yoga techniques – try yoga poses that actively help to induce sleep. Try these poses just before you go to bed.

A regular date with yourself

Before you decide on an activity that suits you, try to sort out the practicalities. Booking a regular time slot into the family diary on a daily or weekly basis, will set expectations for yourself and your loved ones.


Even if it’s just kicking a footy around with your child, aim for about 30 mins of exercise a day. You can also try jogging, walking, bike riding, swimming or joining a regular exercise class.

Movies and music

Going to the movies, either by yourself or with a friend, is a great way to take your mind elsewhere and forget your problems for a little while.

Likewise, putting in some headphones and listening to music is good for relaxation. You could combine listening to your favourite tunes with walking or jogging.


Schedule a regular catch up with friends – it could be a meal, an exercise class, a coffee or even a phone call. Talking to your friends about the challenges you face will help you feel less isolated.

Help is here

Sometimes things can get a little overwhelming, but help is available. Modern technology means that support is only a phone call, Skype chat, text message or app download away. There are multiple avenues for accessing services that meet your individual needs and lives.

CatholicCare offers a range of these services to assist families and individuals. You can get help through counselling, parent education groups or our phone service, Parent Line NSW. For more information click here.


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