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Become a Foster Carer

Mother and son

We support Sydney foster carers to help support children to grow and thrive.

We provide training and support to foster carers across Sydney to provide care for children who can no longer live safely at home. There are different types of foster care that support children. Could you and your family provide this care?

Types of foster care:
Immediate care of a child for a few days, often at short notice
Respite care for a few days or regular weekends to give long-term carers a break
Short-term care from a few months' duration to two years until a child can safely return home, or is placed with a long-term carer
Long-term care which may be until a child reaches 18 years or a child is adopted from foster care

How we assess applicants:
To become a foster carer, an assessment is required.  We understand that not all situations are the same, so when making an assessment, our caring staff will review your suitability on an individual basis.  We are able to provide dual authorisation where foster carers can be assessed at the same time to become adoptive parents for children who may currently be in foster care.  The following criteria may help you assess your suitability to become a foster carer:-

Age:  We require applicants to be over 21
Residency: Applicants must hold Permanent Residency in Australia
Relationship status: We accept applications whether you are single, in a de-facto relationship or married
Employment:  You may be employed full or part-time as long as you are able to provide adequate time to the child or young person
Living arrangements:  You can be renting or own your own home.

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